Wild and Cultivated Medicinal Plants

Here you will find a little of nature’s wonderful living power in wild harvested and cultivated plants, presented in the shape of dried plantes for infusions, aswell as a selection of fresh edible plants. Welcome to a website filled with generous and stimulating greens.

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The website is complemented by a blog that shares knowledge and inspiration about plants, nutrition and personal/spiritual growth; As well as a network of people, initiatives or events that strive to create a new world based on the intention of the heart.

Lien entre homme

– A link between human kind and mother nature.

In our eyes,
Wild picking is a unique and exhilarating experience.
It requiers to be anchored in the present.
We cannot feel in a hurry, having a long term consciousness and being part of the whole, is a must.
It demands real knowledge and understanding of what Mother Nature has to offer.
It sharpens our senses and integrate the notion of pleasure, balance and respect.
It offers a real return to our Origins.


Enjoy the visit!!!

PS: According to EU Laws, Health and Nutrition Claims are very restricted compared to many other parts of the world and unfortunately doesn’t allow us to give you all the informations we know about our products.
European nutrition and health claims.