Reine des PrésMeadowsweet/
Filipendula Ulmaria
3 € / 20g
Origin: Auvergne, France

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Meadowsweet, or queen of the meadow as it is also often called, is a fragrant plant that possesses a characteristic pleasant flavor and scent. It has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant, and was considered as one of the three most sacred herbs of the Druids. As researchers in modern times started to turn to traditional folk medicine to uncover various plants scientific base to their remedial effects, meadowsweet came into the spotlight. As the herb naturally contains salicylates, salicylic acid was first isolated from it in 1938, to later be synthesized in to making aspirin. This herb is much more than its active ingredients though. You can read more about it in the following links:
The anti-inflamatory properties of meadowsweet
Healing Herbs: Meadowsweet

Use and advice:

Therapeutical infusion
Infuse 4-6 g of dried meadowsweet in 3-4 dl of 60ºC water, for 15 minutes. Drink in slow sips, three cups/ day. If you wish to drink the infusion only to enjoy its taste you can decrease the time of infusion to half.
Once cold, this infusion can be used externally as an eyewash, or applied on the skin as a soothing compress.

1-3 cups/day.


  • Meadowsweet should not be used by persons who has salicylate or sulfite sensitivity.
  • Persons with asthma should avoid taking Meadowsweet since it may worsen symptoms.
  • Avoid use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Meadowsweet may increase the risk of bleeding when taken with other anticoagulants.
  • Avoid giving to children under the age of 16 suffering from fever or flue.

Harvesting advice:

Meadowsweet is harvested when it is in full flower, usually in the middle of the summer. The upper part of the plant with the flowers is the most interesting to collect. Harvest on a dry and warm day, and always in clean areas. As with all wild plant harvesting, make certain of your identification of the plant prior to collecting and consuming.

The availability of the plants that we propose can vary during the year, as nature itself changes with the season, and our stock. If you require large quantities, please contact us in advance.

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