MyrtilleBlueberry / Vaccinium Myrtillus
5,90 € / 35 g
Dried aerial parts and berries
Origin: Auvergne, France

Blueberry has been used in Europe since the middle ages. Although very useful for seniors, it is also a plant that is appreciated by children.

Its delicious fruit is famous for its antioxidants, but its leaves are also useful. This infusion combines both. Cherry on the cake – you can eat the rehydrated blueberries at the end of your tasting!

Use and advices:

5 g of dried leaves
1 liters of water

Infuse the leaves in a casserole with 1 liter of water. Heat up to about 90-100 ºC and let steep for 10 minutes before enjoying. We always recommend drinking herbal infusions in slow sips.

1-2 cups / day


  • Blueberry leaves might affect the blood sugar level, be aware in case of diabetes.
  • Blueberry infusion is not recommended for women who breastfeed.

Harvesting advice:

Blueberry leaves can be harvested during almost the whole vegetative period of the plant, but best is before the fruits form. Harvest on a dry and warm day, and always in clean areas. Avoid collecting close to paths since it is likely more frequently exposed to animal excrements. As with all wild plant harvesting, make certain of your identification of the plant prior to collecting and consuming.

The availability of the plants that we propose can vary during the year, as nature itself changes with the season, and our stock. If you require large quantities, please contact us in advance.

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