SureauElder/ Sambucus Nigra
3 € / 20g
Dried flowers
Origin: Auvergne, France

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This tree could be recognized even with your eyes closed, just rub the fragrant flowers between your hands and your nose will tell you that it is the Elder tree you are standing in front of. The many legends surrounding this tree witness about its very long history of use, many of them implying medical properties.

Use and advices:

Infuse 2 tablespoons of dried elder per teacup and let it steep in 70-80ºC water for about 7 minutes before enjoying. We always recommend drinking herbal infusions in slow sips.

1-3 cups / day


  • Do not use Elder during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Elder is not recommended for children.
  • In case of diabetes, Elder might interact with insuline treatment.
  • Elder can increase the activity of diuretic medicine.
  • Follow recommended intake and do not over consume.

Harvesting advice:

Elder is harvested when it is in full flower, usually in the end of spring to early summer. Be aware of its strong scent that can cause discomfort for some. Harvest on a dry and warm day, and always in clean areas. As with all wild plant harvesting, make certain of your identification of the plant prior to collecting and consuming.

The availability of the plants that we propose can vary during the year, as nature itself changes with the season, and our stock. If you require large quantities, please contact us in advance.


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