Mixed infusions

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A better day / Detox

Jour Meilleur

Dandelion leaves, Elder flowers, Meadowsweet flowers,
Stinging Nettle leaves

3,90 € / 20g

Achoo! / Immunostimulant

Coup de Mou

Scots pine buds, Blackberry leaves, Elder flowers

3,90 € / 20 g

Go Mum, go! / Pregnancy & new mum

En avant Maman

Raspberry leaves, Stinging nettle leaves, lemon balm leaves, Common mallow flowers

4,60 € / 20 g

My Bubble / Serenity & relaxation

Ma Bulle

Sweet Woodruff , Chamomile flowers, Lemon balm leaves

4,70 € / 20 g

My Senior! / Articulations & vigor

Photo to come…

Stinging Nettle leaves, Meadowsweet flowers, Blackcurrant leaves

4,20 € / 20 g

Zen belly / Digestion

Ventre Zen
Chocolate Mint leaves, Pansy flowers and leaves,
Yarrow flowers

3,90 € / 20g

PS: According to EU Laws, Health and Nutrition Claims are very restricted compared to some other parts of the world and unfortunately doesn’t allow us to give you all the informations we know about our products.
European nutrition and health claims.