Our story…

Behind Neorigins there are two passionated gardeners/wild pickers, Therese Rosén Häggman and Jason Gallon, or Tess and Jas as we like to be called.

We are a Swedish/ French couple, together since 2013. We have taken the best of each to create and do so much since then, like a bicycle trip from Lima to Ushuaia, running a restaurant in the Swedish arctic circle, our ongoing permaculture project at home in France, and today, NEORIGINS !!!

          “The two of us like to blossom in the simplicity of our lives, in the lovely circle of our garden and in the playground of nature.”

Tess carré2
In the garden.

Tess, born in 1988, proud of her Viking origins, was born in a town called Luleå close to the Swedish arctic circle. She is passionated about nature, gardening and nutrition. When she is not amongst nature, she digs into books to satisfy her thirst of knowledge.
Ever since a child, she knew that France would cross her path; and it’s with her grand-mother, talking about nature, plants and politics for hours while gardening, that the seeds was sown.
“An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove”.



Harvesting chaga wintertime

Jas, was born in Saint-Etienne, France, in 1986. Educated as a chef, he has been travelling around the globe to live his dreams. True lover of human kind, nature, imagination and all wonders of life; Jas met his destiny while back in France, the great opportunity to settle down in the tiny village where his ancestors of the name of “Gallon” are originated. His grand-parents gave him the love for gardening, cooking and discovering that he has to offer today.
“A Caterpillar Reborn As A Butterfly”.


We are both self educated in wild and cultivated plants and we have brought together what we are passionate about, to put our part into creating a highly energetic life on earth. We strongly believe in the beneficent vibratory effect of the plants that we work with, for the simple reason that plants and humans are based on the same vibratory level.

Enjoy the visit!!!